Mingus Mountain Republican Club

Mingus Mountain Republican Club

Executive Board


To recruit and support well qualified Republican candidates,  committed to serving all the people of Yavapai County.in a fiscally responsible manner.


* To educate the public regarding candidates and current legislative issues..


*  To provide opportunities for local Republicans to discuss or debate policies

 and issues with other members,  Republican candidates, and our elected officials.


*  To work with the Yavapai Republican Committee and support the policies

 and platforms of the Republican National Committee (RNC).



       PRESIDENT:                       Niles Haton


       VICE PRESIDENT:             Kathy Trego


       TREASURER:                     Jim Millis 


       SECRETARY:                      Carol Lucas

      PROGRAM DIRECTOR:     Brandi Bateman

      MEMBERSHIP CHAIR: Carol Lucas


       PUBLICITY:  Kathy Trego